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Download Fastcgi For Apache Windows
Download Fastcgi For Apache Windows

download fastcgi for apache windows


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7117 Posts 1278 Topics Last post by userx-bw in Re: Lazarus rtl system.p. Mod Macro for Apache 2.2 x64 18.1 KB Download Locations modmacro is an Apache 2.2 binary compatible module that allows the administrator to define and use macros in their apache runtime configuration files 39349 SHA1 Checksum: e7e9b12089e3f84bcc091d07a83d068c0b6d55ac . Modules compiled for Apache 2.2 should continue to work for all 2.2.x releases. % svn checkout modfcgid . Mod Security Version 2.9.1 for Apache 2.4.x x64 1,336.3 KB Download Locations Mod Security is a web application firewall for Apache, this module is for Apache 2.x 6007 SHA1 Checksum: fbd39a485724540f5b231b65df6993e6f9a5fab7 . Mod xsendfile 0.12 for Apache 2.4.x x64 11.0 KB Download Locations modxsendfile is a small Apache2 module that processes X-SENDFILE headers registered by the original output handler.


1. This version of modfcgid is a security release. I will be making the assumption that youre pretty familiar with computers and perhaps have done this once or twice before. modfcgid 2.3.9 released 2013-10-08. But on Win 7 Pro it wasn't happening. In order to fix the forbidden error I had to change this line in httpd.conf: AllowOverride None Options None Order allow,deny Allow from all to this: AllowOverride None Options None Order allow,deny Allow from all up down -1 robert dot nevinger at sbcglobal dot net 5 years ago Apache 2.2 crashing on WindowsXP/Apache2.2/php5.3.8Win32.VC9-x86 There is a distinction between LoadFile and LoadModule. Eventually I came across the "fix" mentioned elsewhere "copy libmysql.dll to apache folder" and suddenly it worked. Of course it is not perfectly clear, because it says something like 'unable to load "C:phpextphpmysql.dll" - The specified module could not be found'.


324 SHA1 Checksum: 3bab358ea3f8f3b68e26f7065c5750a864f59bc7 . Mod Layout for Apache 2.4 10.5 KB Download Locations provides you with a way to add headers and footers to all (or a subset) of the content that your site provides. I took the php5apache22.dll and the php5ts.dll and swaped them out in my PHP folder and bingo! started working like a charm. Getting and installing Apache 1 In your browser go to h t t p : / / h t t p d . Mod Upload for Apache 2.2.x 7.5 KB Download Locations modupload is an input filter module for multipart/form-data, as submitted from File Upload forms on the Web. 1626 Posts 295 Topics Last post by HatForCat in Re: New one - I lost my .


# # Additionally, comments (such as these) may be inserted on individual # lines or following the machine name denoted by a '#' symbol. Mod FCGID 2.3.7 for Apache 2.4.x x64 64.9 KB Download Locations A binary compatibility alternative to Apache module modfastcgi for Apache 2.4.x 36047 SHA1 Checksum: 5ed8a17ba9c3121988ab5dde14a186d0b0d3baaa . up down -4 brokenarrow218 at rochester dot rr dot com 5 years ago man I had a heck of time. The following failure message came as I tried to start Apache: "The requested operation has failed!" After many hours finally the comment from "bdav 05-Mar-2012 02:23" helped me and the following code in httpd.conf made Apache working with PHP: LoadModule php5module "c:/php/php5apache22.dll" AddHandler application/x-httpd-php .php PHPIniDir 'c:php' I hope I can save some hours of frustration to some beginners like me. With it you can also define your own tagging language. Mod MaxmindDB for Apache 2.4.x 1,303.3 KB Download Locations As it's predecessor modgeoip, modmaxminddb is a geo-location reference module for obtaining a visitor geographic location from their IP. Beginners Moderators: FPK, Tomas Hajny 4561 Posts 606 Topics Last post by howardpc in Re: Modify default 'try'. 39870 SHA1 Checksum: 3284571e1d1d4db78ed390b0d5534f49f0aae6b0 .

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